The ContentRobot team invaded Phoenix with other WordPress pros at PressNomics this past weekend. It was an great event – Joshua and Sally Strebel know how to put on a good show. Here’s 10 things that inspired us:

1. The Fear of Regret

When Cory Miller talked about building something bigger and better than yourself, we were struck at how open he was about his fears and personal experiences with iThemes and his other ventures. We appreciated his honesty as he prodded us to create and build upon our own story. Maybe we can be more like Cory.

2. Envision the Future

Ward Andrews asked us to envision the future at 100 years out. At the intersection of business and tech, we can find both imagination and value. He also encouraged us to continually ask “what if” as a way to become more self-aware. We look forward to making bigger decisions and delivering new, great ideas.

3. WordPress and the Opportunity

Did you know that 17% of the top one million websites are powered by WordPress? Pete Davies took us through some very cool statistics, telling us that this is just the beginning. Customers can be found within the enterprise, the underbelly, and all the levels in between. ContentRobot is happy serving our clients in the ecosystem.

4. Speed Matters

This page takes forever to load! (Darin Swanson explained that’s about 10 seconds.) We learned that 46% of online shoppers will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and that every 1 second delay loses $125,000. We will continue to design and develop with performance in mind.

5. If Your Company is On the Internet, You Are a Media Company

Marcus Nelson encouraged everyone to publish all their content – whether it’s copy, photos, video, and/or audio – on their blogs. Not only excellent for SEO, but 85% of people trust blog content. We whole-heartedly agree with Marcus that Content is King, Marketing is Queen, and the Blog is your Castle.

6. You May Never Be Ready to Make a Business Decision – You Just Have to Make Them

Sally Strebel did a fantastic job interviewing Matt Mullenweg. We appreciated that he took the time to share his thoughts about Automattic, commercial themes and plugins, and building businesses with WordPress. ContentRobot is proud to be a part of this vibrant community.

7. Be Focused On Telling the Story of You

Micah Baldwin wants everyone to “know their stories.” Doing this allows us to be both consistent and reliable in our personal and business lives. We loved how he said to focus about building something amazing.

8. Contributing to WordPress Core is Good Karma

Always excellent, Mark Jaquith encouraged everyone to find their peers, reach out to someone you admire, and get closer to WordPress by becoming more involved.

9. What is Your “Brass Balls” Moment?

Chris Drake took us through the highs and lows of building his hosting company. We appreciated the level of detail he shared in terms of his decision-making at different points (and what the results were). His path was very revealing. We are ready to answer his question and keep moving forward.

10. Push. Hustle. Grow

No matter where you start (even if you’re surrounded by urinals), Collis Ta’eed implored that determination and resilience will keep you going. He described his experiments with his marketing and what built momentum for his team. ContentRobot is ready to make things happen – from the small things to the big wins.

We were excited to be among the leaders of our industry and look forward to the next PressNomics.