Dana twittered this morning: I have a dream that someday IE6 will just vanish.

This led to an interesting discussion, as ContentRobot contemplated what life would be like without having to deal with the most horrible browser on the planet!

This aging Microsoft mess (Internet Explorer 6 was launched six years ago!) causes much woe during development time. What do we deal with?

  • IE6 is the absolute worst browser when it comes to supporting web standards
  • We have to develop code just for this browser alone, so it will display a site correctly

This all seems like such as waste of time and effort (not to mention the loss of hair and the spouting of much foul language).

Don’t agree? Check this out:

C’mon all you IE6 users, it’s time to update to a modern browser (Firefox, Safari, or even IE7 if you must). Millions of developers will thank you.