Chris Garrett, one of our favorite bloggers from across the pond, posted a story today about why WordPress is gaining a foothold in the business community.

Here are some of the highlights of this article:

  • … The growing use of WordPress as a platform rather than as a blog. Many people are now looking to WordPress as a CMS or as a framework. (He note that even The Number 10 Downing Street new website is going to be 100% WordPress.)
  • Companies are looking for a lower cost tactical solution. Rather than a long, drawn out, expensive project, they want something quick, nimble, efficient and effective. They know with a WordPress site they can be up and running, fast, and making sales in weeks rather than months.
  • The charge is being led by sales and marketing functions, consciously avoiding official channels and especially the IT dept
  • They are looking for “right now” solutions, but as most of us have seen, quick fixes tend to stick around, especially when the solution is found to be proven and beats other more complicated ones.
  • WordPress isn’t just being used because it is cheap, it is growing in favor because it works.

With a few weeks of a-listers expressing their disillusionment with blogging, this is a refreshing piece. Like Chris, ContentRobot happily has not seen any downturn of interest for our WordPress expertise, even with the horrible economy. The business community will take over the next wave of blogging – hurray to that!