With the warmer weather hitting the Northern Hemisphere, our thoughts may be turning to playtime rather than blogging.  So, how do you keep that blog stoked?

Blogging can sometimes be as easy as sitting down at the keyboard and start typing and a post appears, but sometimes it’s not so easy. It’s a matter of working on your mindset (as well as your writing skills). Here are some things that can help you, think like a blogger:

1. Have Content Goals

Think about :

  • How many posts you want to write per day / per week
  • What the topics you want to focus on, push, or get away from

2. Develop a Routine

To get yourself into a rhythm, you might:

  • Set deadlines for yourself
  • Create an editorial calendar to help you focus

3. Keep Learning

You can never know too much about blogging.

  • Read books and other blogs
  • Take a course and attend conferences

4. Try Something New

Experiment with your blogging, and consider:

  • Using different types of posts (teaching, opinion, etc.)
  • Writing in a different voices (mentor, friend, expert, etc.)

5. Mistakes Can Be Overcome

Getting flamed in public is no fun. You’ll be quickly forgiven if you:

  • Adjust your stance, your goals, or your mindset
  • Learn from your biggest critics

The best bloggers continually find ways to keep it going. You can, too!