What personality traits do most A-List bloggers have? If you have one or more of them, then you are on your way to becoming one yourself.

They cast a wide net
The A-Listers often have wide social circles. They can truly connect with a number of people on a daily basis and offer them advice, knowledge, and experience.

They like to be early adopters
A-Listers are continually experimenting: new technology, products, places, etc.  They are energized by trying something new.

They are evangelists
A-Listers are blogging about things that they love and just can’t wait to share that with other. They provide sense of excitement for their topic(s).

They are honest
A-Listers will tell you when things don’t work and what they don’t like. While they can get snarky at times, usually are being transparent with their feeelings and opinions.

They draw people in
Because of all the traits above, people are usually waiting to hear what they have to say next. They are often funny, inspiring, controversial, and more.