One of our clients, Bazaarevoice, was participating in eComXpo this past week.

Because the tradeshow was virtual, ContentRobot peeked in and attended several online presentations at the comfort of our own computers. Among what we listened to was “Getting the Word Out,” which was chaired by Bazaarvoice’s CEO Brett Hurt.

Although alot of the focus was on search engine and affiliate marketing, there was some good information about blogging as well. Among the nuggets we took away included the four best ways to market your blog …

  1. Optimize your blog post titles, ensuring that there are keywords in there and that it links directly to your permalink.
  2. Take advantage of categories. Note that while most of the blogging software features the ability to create and manage categories, Blogger (for example) does not.
  3. Ping your blog to Ping-O-Matic to ensure that the blogosphere automatically knows when your blog has been updated.
  4. Submit your blog to the following search engines and blog directories:

In the end, even though the interface was a bit clunky (and it only ran on IE for the PC), it was fun to have immediate chats, swap vcard information, and send email to exhibitors and participants all over the world. We looking forward to attending more virtual tradeshows in the future.