Feedburner rocks! This tool allows you add extra dimensions to your blog’s reach.

RSS Tools
By burning your feed, with Feedburner, you can:

  • Publicize your feed and make it easy for people to subscribe
  • Manage your feed (even find out if someone is using your feed in a less that “credible” way)
  • Track your feed’s subscribers (see how many people are viewing your feed and which stories they are clicking to read)
  • Optimize your feed’s performance (we love adding the Feed Flares into the posts and RSS feed)
  • Troubleshoot your feed

Send Content Via Email
While blogs are pretty ubiquitous, some readers might not know or care about what an RSS feed is. So, offer them a way to get your content in their in boxes. Fully-automatic, Feedburner will gather your daily blog posts and assemble them in an email sent directly to your email subscribers.

Go and check out Feedburner!