It’s a new year – welcome to 2013! Have you made your resolutions yet? Have you broken them already? ContentRobot offers 5 resolutions bloggers should keep all year long.

  1. Blog Regularly.  There’s nothing that Google likes better than fresh, unique content. If you haven’t been writing much as of late, now is the time to kickstart your blog.
  2. Don’t Write for Search Engines. It’s a turnoff for visitors to read posts that have been obviously overstuffed with keywords. Strive for meaty content that can educate, entertain, and energize by writing for your audience first.
  3. Make Sure Your Design Rocks. Don’t clutter your theme up with a bunch of distracting ads, links, tweets, and other elements that distract from your message. Take the time to prune your design and refocus your image.
  4. Do a Technology Review. If your blog is dog-slow, it may be time to migrate to a better performing host. If you can’t remember when you last launched your web presence, consider an all-new WordPress-powered website. If you need to upgrade or add new features to your blog, but were holding off, now is the time!
  5. Share More. Don’t be shy and try ramping up your presence on Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook. Share your ideas and comments and add to the conversation all around you.