Pinterist is today’s latest social media darling and invariably that brings out a slew of “blogging is dead” posts. Sure it’s another platform that allows you to share interests both simply and visually. The great thing about the Internet is that self-publishing continues to get easier and there are lots of ways to build your brand.

But let’s step back for a moment. What if the platform you are spending so much effort on went away? It happens all the time. We are confident you can easily list a few of your favorite websites (whose services you once relied heavily upon) who are now mere memories. What is the one thing you can claim as your very own? Your blog, of course.

Blogging, it can be argued, is hard. Since when is building an audience, serving a community, and creating trust easy? Good things take time, planning, and perseverance, right? Before you go off and hedge your bets on the flavor of the month, we recommend that you spend some serious time with the original social medium – your blog.

ContentRobot believes that your blog still the best platform where ALL your communications should be spawned from. Why?

  • It has no limitations (you might find that you need more than 140 characters to tell your story)
  • It allows you to establish a bigger Internet footprint (let the Googlebots index content from your domain, not from someone else’s)
  • It is still the ultimate way to brand your company and its offerings (without the distractions of another platform’s agenda)

If your audience is hanging out on Facebook, we do encourage you to interact there – but we want to you to consider bringing them back to your hub for an even deeper engagement. You can still sit at the cool kid’s table by peppering your site with pins, Google +1s, Facebook likes, tweets, etc. But your true fans will appreciate that you are still are sharing your unique point of view with insightful blog posts.