Within days, WordPress bloggers hosted on GoDaddy got hacked again and Twitter experienced mouseover bugs. It’s enough to drive us all batty!

But these events allow us to remind everyone of the 5 best practices to hack-proof your WordPress blogs:

  1. Sign up with the best host you can afford. Mark Jaquith recently commented that you should be willing to pay an equivalent of a shrimp dinner (per month) for quality WordPress hosting.
  2. Keep your WordPress install (and plugins) up-to-date. Updating is easy as ever, as it usually takes just few clicks (after getting a successful backup). Can’t do it yourself? Let us know.
  3. Back it up. There are methods to keep your site backed up. Pick one and you’ll sleep better at night should something ever go wrong.
  4. Check those permissions. Make sure your WordPress files and folders have the proper permissions. While some hosts have these correct, it never hurts to be sure.
  5. Lock it down. Remove unused plugins and themes that may have holes in them. Consider adding plugins, such as BBQ, to help thwart hackers.

Stay vigilant out there – we’re all in this together.