ContentRobot had a busy winter working and supporting our BlogOnCloud9 WordPress hosting service – and we’re not planning a lazy summer either.

We are in the midst of  launching a few new products. We think that you’ll not only enjoy them, but your blogs will benefit greatly from them, too.

But before that could happen, we had to first take inventory of all our offerings. Does everything we do still make sense? What services do we evolve? What products do our clients no longer need or want? With those questions fully answered, we are now ready to roll out our new strategy.

What you’ll see first, is a changes to our blog. You may have noticed that we recently migrated the posts from WeFixWP into the ContentRobot blog. We think it’s better to showcase all our offerings, expertise, and experiences here and we’ll continue to do that.

Then, we’ll be refreshing our website, which will be designed to reinforce our new editorial outlook.

Finally, we’ll reveal “what else ContentRobot did this summer.” We are very excited and can’t wait to share it all with you!