So You Fired Up Your Blog Today, But Something Seems Wrong …

It’s frustrating when you are ready to work on your blog and it is not functioning right. We’ve included a few things that you can consider to help you track down and fix some common problems. We also invite you to check out our WeFixWP service if you need assistance with any of the issues below:

Your Blog Is Down

  • If your site is entirely down, we recommend that you contact your host to see if they are having problems. If it’s a network-wide issue, you just might have to wait until they have resolved them.
  • If you mistakenly deleted your WordPress files, contact your host to see if your they can restore you quickly.
  • Is your host having trouble keeping your blog up? Not all WordPress hosts are equal and you may need to migrate to a better performing one. We currently recommend BlogOnCloud9 (our hosting service) and HostGator.
  • Were you hacked? You may get a page in Google telling you that your site was blacklisted.
  • Is your site hosting malware? Find out with Sucuri’s handy tool.
  • If you are getting a database connection error, ensure that your database doesn’t need to be repaired or restored or if a change was made to your wp-config.php file.

You Can’t Access Your WordPress Dashboard

  • Your site is running out of PHP memory and you are “white screening.” Click here for some fixes that might help you.
  • Did you recently install a new plugin that could have broken your site? You may have to remove it via your FTP tool.
  • Did you perform an upgrade that went awry? You may have to do a fresh install.

Your Theme is Broken

  • Did you paste content from Word or another website to find that your sidebars are now hanging off the bottom of your site? Using the “kitchen sink” icon in your editor, paste with the Word or Plain Text tool to ensure that you do not bring over extra “divs” and formatting that can mess up your blog.
  • Did you change something in the theme editor and made a mistake? We recommend that you do not make changes directly in the theme files but do it with a text editor and upload via FTP. This way you can keep a copy of the last-known-good files.
  • Did you add / upgrade a plugin that broke the display? Again, delete the plugin via FTP and re-install it. Note that it is possible that you may have to use the older version with your installation.
  • Did you add new functionality that is not compatible with your theme? This happens all the time with free themes, but it is possible that commercial themes will not allow you to customize as you wish.

Your Theme No Longer Meets Your Needs

WeFixWP to the Rescue

We know not everyone is comfortable playing in FTP, PHPMyAdmin, and inside WordPress. If you need help with upgrades, tweaks, migrations, and any fixes for your blog, please check out WeFixWP now.