As a nod to Valentine’s Day, Karen offers the reasons she loves blogs and blogging.

  1. Blogging is primarily writing, and I enjoy the whole creative process (from research to words on the screen) while crafting useful posts.
  2. I can provide an exclusive point-of-view while sharing my thoughts and views that say: “I’m uniquely me, and only I can tell this story.”
  3. I get to be a part of creating conversations, layered with both fact and opinion, that could be revisited, meditated, shared, commented, and extended.
  4. I am part of the new media world and work within a community of people whom I respect.
  5. I read other blogs for anything delightful, surprising, and thought-provoking so I can be enriched both personally and professionally.
  6. I like to finding new ideas, rethink old ideas, and be informed and educated by the hearts and minds of the best bunch of people I’ve never met.
  7. I get to work with a partner who inspires me to push the envelope and explore talents that are just waiting to bust out.
  8. I get to mentor clients who want to passionately communicate, collaborate, and impart knowledge about their companies and themselves.
  9. I can provide expertise to help others find their blgging voice for hobby blogs to corporate blogs and any blogs in between.
  10. I get to combine my passions and talents of writing and technology to enhance online experiences. What can be better than finding your bliss?

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