To write an interesting blog (or anything of value) you must be able to go beyond regurgitating what others have reported and be curious enough to find the real story.

How can you do that? Ask questions like these.

  • How Does it Really Work? – Test products (and assumptions) to find out what works and why. You might even find delicious, unexpected uses that you share with your readers.
  • What Needs Improvement? – Be on the lookout for outstanding solutions to persistant problems. It’s OK to not have all the answers, providing bridges and stepping stones are equally important.
  • What Do I Know About It? – After doing your homework, try to understand what can you add to the discussion. Then take the time to creatively present your findings.
  • Who Else Knows About It? – Seek people out and network to share information with others. The more you exchange ideas, the more interesting everything becomes.
  • Are There Parallels in Other Industries? – Use your interest in other disciplines and bring together disconnected ideas. Maybe rocket science and cats don’t have anything in common – or do they?
  • Is There Something More? – Don’t accept the spin and dig deeper than the issued press releases or RSS feed items. Who knows you just might scoop something.
  • What If or Why??? – Keep chipping away with these types of questions to make progress to solving problems. It doesn’t always have to be serious – you can even make a playful game out of it. At the very least, you’ll be lead toward journeys and discoveries of unexpected places.
  • Though it takes time to write interesting posts, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal following – and maintain a more satisfying blog to boot.