Linkbait: verb: describe a variety of practices that have the purpose of generating links to your site.

Want to get people to link to your site? Here are five linkbaiting techniques to consider:

  1. Tools – offer useful, fun or cool tools that webmasters can use on their blog. Don’t forget to point them back to your own.
  2. Quizzes – quizzes, surveys and tests are popular with web users and can be quite viral. Make them fun and humorous!
  3. Contests and Giveaways – create something for people to participate in. Ask interesting questions related to your topics.
  4. Design – design something that others can use. A great blog theme, for example, can send the links your way.
  5. Coolness Factor – write posts that are provocative, gets the scoop, exposes something, etc. While coolness can be very subjective, it can also be very linkable.

In reality, the very best way to get others to link to your blog to continually provide interesting and unique content. But it’s great to add some fun with some of the methods noted above. Blog on.