We are big fan’s of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report – and this year is no exception! We have embedded the slideshow and point out some of her more interesting observations below. Enjoy!

Trends we loved:

  • Smartphone Subscribers: +20% strong growth though slowing…fastest growth in underpenetrated markets like China / India / Brazil / Indonesia
  • Smartphones: Most Viewed / Used Medium in Many Countries
  • Tablets : +52% early stage rapid unit growth
  • Mobile (Smartphone + Tablet) Shipments: 4-5x Unit Volume of TV & PC
  • Screens Today: You Screen…I Screen…We All Screen (And Consumers Get More Content in Less Time)
  • Mobile Usage: Continues to Rise Rapidly… @ 25% of Total Web Usage
  • Mobile Data Traffic: +81% accelerating growth…video = strong driver (Growing >1.5x per Year & Likely to Maintain Trajectory or Accelerate)
  • Internet Advertising: Remains Strong… +16%…Mobile +47% to 11% of Total
  • Evolution of Communications: Image + Video Sharing Rising Rapidly
  • Internet Trifecta: Critical Mass of Content (provided by consumers and pros) + Community (created by and for users) + Commerce (seamless purchases)…
  • Real-Time Data: Uploadable / Sharable / Findable Rising Rapidly (Photos Alone = 1.8B+ Uploaded & Shared Per Day)
  • R.I.P.: Bad User Interfaces
  • Internet User Growth: +9% in 2013 vs. +11% in 2012 = Solid, But Slowing