Times they are a-changin – and so are we. ContentRobot would like to share our what we’ve been up to lately, show off our new website design, and give you some insight into our new-found focus.

Recommitting to our WordPress Expertise

ContentRobot’s expertise is WordPress development. That means we help clients to get their WordPress-powered websites and blogs looking and functioning they way they always envisioned. Along with our full-service offerings, we are pleased to announce the launch of several new products and services:

Theme Tweaks
Need help adding a new feature to your theme? Want to tweak your CSS but don’t know how? Our WordPress theme team is ready to help you.

Fixes and De-hacking
If your site is broken or if you’ve been hacked, let us get you back online quickly.

Afraid to click that upgrade button? Let ContentRobot update your WordPress and plugins to all the latest releases.

Website Management
Have lots of WordPress websites to manage? Let ContentRobot help you to keep on top of them so they are running at their very best.

WordPress Installation
Need to install WordPress but don’t know how? We’ll get the job done for you.

Sometimes performing upgrades and doing enhancements are best done on a development installation. We’ll clone your live site to an development area where you can test and tweak offline.

Website Audits
Is your blog performing at its very best? We’ll review your theme, hosting, WordPress, plugins, SEO and more.

Maintenance Packages
Friends don’t let friends maintain their WordPress-powered websites on their own. We’ll keep you upgraded, backed-up, and secure.

Is your host not cutting it anymore? We can migrate any WordPress install to a better performing one.

Need help understanding what to do on that WordPress dashboard? We can help.

Have questions about blogging, theming, and 3rd party apps? Let us be your WordPress go-to team.

Further Streamlining Our Offerings

WordPress Hosting
One of the things you may have noticed was missing from above was WordPress hosting. ContentRobot ventured into WordPress Cloud Hosting with BlogOnCloud9 (which we still have several client sites on) and Managed WordPress Hosting with BlogDroid (which was recently acquired by Pagely). While we enjoyed building these hosting services we really missed the more creative aspects of website development and decided to hand off our hosting duties so we could re-focus on development.

WeFixWP is Now Fully Integrated Within ContentRobot
Some of you may be familiar with our WeFixWP service. It was launched in 2007 to offer quick fixes and assistance to WordPress users. We are happy to announce that WeFixWP is now folded into ContentRobot. Note that many of the products and services you see above were provided by WeFixWP, but they now more closely tied into everything ContentRobot does.

So if you have a big WordPress project or need a quick fix, you can take advantage of our expertise on a whole bunch of different levels. Any questions about what we can do for you, please let us know.

Launching a New Website Design

You’ll notice our new website design. We are especially proud that it is fully-responsive (check us out on your favorite smartphone or tablet!).

Other nifty things to note include:

  • Updated navigation to focus on our main products and services
  • A slideshow that showcases all that we do
  • A chat tool so you can ask us any questions you like in real time

Focusing on Content

One of the things that was missing from our previous design was that our blog was a bit too hidden. While our WordPress Guides are still quite prominent, now we want to make it easier for you to keep up with our newest posts. We also streamlined our categories (see them over there on the right?) for a more laser focus on WordPress and blogging.

Finally, a good redesign is not without new tools. We installed the very excellent EditFlow plugin to assist us with planning, writing, and publishing contents on a regular basis.

The bottom line? Expect more content from us!