Submitting your blog to search engine and blog directories is a good way to attract visitors to your blog. Here we discuss where to list your blogs.

Part 3 of 4: Submit Your Blog to Search Engines and Blog Directories

Submit to Search Engines
Have the search engines found you yet? While a bit time consuming, you may want to take the time to sumbit to various search engines.

Each search engine has its submission procedure, but often you just submit the main URL that you want included in the index.

Try Google, Yahoo!, and/or

Submit to Blog Directories
Submit your key pages with appropriate keywords in the links to blog directories. There are a bunch of free directories out there.

Try Blogarama, Blogdigger, Blog Search Engine, and/or

Bonus Tips
By submit your RSS to MyYahoo or Google’s personalized pages, it can help to get indexed on Yahoo! and Google.

Be wary of the services that offer to submit your sites for you. You often have to pay for the priviledge and your results may be better than theirs.

Bottom Line
In sum, if your onsite SEO techniques haven’t gotten you listed in the search engines and blog directories yet, take the time to submit them yourself.

Next up, we’ll wrap up with Part 4: Miscellaneous Methods. And don’t forget to see Part 1: Quality Content and/or Part 2: Linking Strategy.

Thanks to Problogger for inspiration on this series.