The newly, blog-enhanced, award-winning GrokDotCom was launched today. ContentRobot provided our expertise to convert their newsletter and other sources of content onto a single WordPress platform.

The GrokDotCom home page features articles and post written by Future Now authors, along with an extensive “blended” RSS feed of industry news. Readers can learn more about how to increase online conversion rates, accountable multi-channel marketing, and web analytics.

Highlights of this new blog-powered site include:

  • Converting the existing newsletter content, formerly within a proprietary software package.
  • Converting Movable type blog content to WordPress.
  • Offering unique content on the blog by reading it at the site, subscribing to it via RSS, or receiving daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter content into their email inboxes.
  • Displaying the latest articles, blog posts, announcements, and events on the home page along with “Persuasion Architect” posts and the GrokDotCom calendar.
  • Implementing innovative search engine optimization techniques with Tag Warrior, SEO Title Tag, and Google Sitemaps plugins, and more.
  • Offering three customized newsletters – get fresh content daily, weekly, or monthly via email.
  • Automating the distribution of the various newsletters saves both time and money.

Read more about this project on our case study.

Go check out the site!