We just celebrated our sixth birthday last week and we were reminiscing about the evolution of ContentRobot and blogging throughout the years.

Old-time readers may recall that we dabbled in Drupal and other blogging platforms before deciding to focus our expertise on WordPress. Also during that time we’ve seen clients who’ve had sites and blogs done in Flash, PHP, ASP, HTML, Blogger, Movable Type, and more.

For several years, we have been recommending that clients launch blog-powered websites with WordPress. We’d explain all the built-in advantages of WordPress (yup, organic SEO to name a biggie) and the ability to maintain their content (yup, you no longer needed to get a programmer or designer involved for a simple copy change).

While we haven’t always been successful at convincing everyone, we’ve been fortunate to have created this niche company that helps others to get blogging.  We’ve ridden the wave of social media and microblogging (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Posterous, Tumblr, etc.) as businesses try to via for everyone’s attention. It’s been fun to be right in the middle of watching everyone experiment to get the most out of their web marketing efforts.

Today, we were pleased to bring former client back into the ContentRobot family and back to blogging with WordPress. When we first met this company, their web presence featured a flash intro and the static website – which, of course, we happily converted into a more effective blog-powered website. As their needs got more complex, they decided that WordPress was no longer working for them and they jumped to Drupal.

In less than six months, they realized what they were missing and have converted back to WordPress. Hurray! With the depth and breadth of themes, plugins, and 3rd-party tools, WordPress bloggers are only limited by their imagination. We, of course, think they made a great decision and believe their latest efforts will pay off. We look forward to supporting them again.

Have you ever jumped the WordPress ship? Did you come back? We’d love to hear your stories.