We consider ourselves WordPress experts, yet we still run into issues that make it an imperfect platform. They include:

  • No decent tool to manage images … and it’s still to hard to insert images consistently and easily.
  • The WYSIWYG, which is built upon TinyMCE, still likes to generate bad code or even known to mess up code done in the Code Tab … darn those curly quotes!
  • The dashboard is still pretty ugly … and we were always surprised that Automattic never included new themes with any new releases.
  • Plugin authors that offer no help … sketchy documentation on their plugin pages and no responses to requests for help drives us nuts. We do want to say tho, the majority of plugin authors are great and really make WordPress what it is!
  • The snarky responses on the WordPress forums … we feel bad for those (often newbies) who are just seeking a bit of guidance – we all have to start somewhere.

What we do love about WordPress? Find out here.

What about WordPress makes you crazy? What would you improve?