We’ve Been Rocking WordPress Since 2006

In the very early days of ContentRobot, we actually used a few different blogging platforms, including Movable Type, Blogger, and Drupal. But it was WordPress that made us realize we could build powerful websites with blogging software.

We were inspired by WordPress’ growing and helpful community of talented developers and designers who were ready to lend a hand with their knowledge. ContentRobot remembers attending a WordPress meetup during the very first BlogWorld Expo. It’s hard to imagine now, but we were among the 30 or so people who first shared a beer with Matt Mullinweg and a small Automattic team. Heady days.

Welcomed into the fold, we started to push the software in places where few dared and started to create entire websites using WordPress. We began developing one-of-a-kind themes and even ventured into programming our own plugins. Since then, we’ve done thousands of installations & upgrades, fixed hundreds of websites, and have seen more plugins and add-ons than most. It’s been a fun ride.

Today, our WordPress-centric company continues to offers expert design & theme development as well as fixes, tweaks, WordPress help and more.

Check out our current expert WordPress services below:

We Want to Get You Blogging

Are you ready to add a blog into your marketing mix? Would you like to convert your static or Flash-based website to a blog-powered website? ContentRobot brings our vast experience and implements best practices during every project big and small.

Strategic Planning
We start by learning about your company and your goals for the project. We discuss your design ideas, technology needs, content plans, and more.

We can install WordPress software on most UNIX-based hosts. Need hosting? We recommend Pagely or HostGator to house your files and databases.

Website Architecture
ContentRobot can help you with organizing your content with intuitive navigation, how to use tags & categories, what to feature on the home page and in the sidebars.

Custom Design
Whether you want to create an entirely new look or align your new site with your current branding, ContentRobot can help you to design a unique,  eye-catching design for your project.

Let’s Launch that Blog

Now that your plan is in place, let’s get building! This is where the magic happens.

Software Installation & Configuration
ContentRobot will install and configure the latest version of WordPress along with applicable plugins and 3rd-party apps. We are big fans of Gravity Forms and BackupBuddy, which are great additions to any blog.

Theme Development
From your design or ours, we can convert any PSD into a custom WordPress theme that is well-coded, standards-compliant, widgetized, menu-ready, speedy, and more. We are also happy to tweak off-the-shelf themes accommodate  your logo & colors, content needs, and features you seek.

Custom Programming
We can help you to display your content in a variety of ways. We have also been known to create our own plugins or enhance existing ones when required.

Third Party Integrations
From social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) blog metrics (Google Analytics, FeedBurner, Clicky) to newsletters (MailChimp and FeedBlitz) and more, ContentRobot can help you to enhance and extend your blog’s experience with all sorts of helpful blogging tools.

Content Conversion & Development
We can assist you get your existing content into your new design lickety-split.

Keep That Blog Running Great

Your blog is up and running, but ContentRobot doesn’t leave you hanging after launch.

Site Enhancements & Theme Tweaks
Ready to add new features to your blog-powered website? We are masters at integrating slideshows, drop-down menus, post sharing tools, social media integration, e-commerce and more. You bring us your ideas and we’ll make them so.

WordPress Upgrades & Plugin Updates
The latest Google search update encourages everyone to keep their blog software up-to-date. So if you neglect upgrades, your ranking could fall. Let ContentRobot help you to maintain your blog software on your behalf.

Performance & Site Optimization
Is your website really slow? We can speed you up with a variety of performance techniques from caching to CDN implementation to recommending more efficient themes and plugins.

What Else Does ContentRobot Offer?

ContentRobot does more than big project work. We are also here to do fixes, tweaks, maintenance, and more.

Migrations to Better Performing Hosts
Some hosts are better than others in their ability to serve up your site quickly and consistently. If your host isn’t cutting it, we’ll help you to move your WordPress installation to one that can.

WordPress Support, Troubleshooting & Blog Fixes
Oh no – something is broken. But don’t fret, ContentRobot can get you back online quickly and as painlessly as possible. We are always happy to fix an upgrade gone awry, delete a bad a plugin that killed your admin access, and any other issues you encounter.

Security Implementations & Hack Recovery
Worried about security? You should be as hackers are everywhere. Let us batten down your hatches to thwart intruders – we can also assist in cleaning out hacks and malware.

WordPress Training
All ContentRobot clients receive written documentation to help them best maintain their sites.

Need more? Check out all of our WordPress help services here.

Want to Know More About Us?

Read more about ContentRobot, and don’t forget to check out some of the WordPress-powered websites and custom WordPress blogs we’ve done.