Custom Fields are great because they allow you to enter and display all types of information with your posts. We use that technique for quite a few of our clients. But if your site takes advantage of custom fields and you are still on WordPress 2.5 (or 2.5.1), you might have noticed a weird bug!

Every time you entered a custom field, it will save the same number of duplicate, unpublished posts to clutter up your database! You’ll also might see:

  • Multiple drafts with the same post name
  • They will have not have any post content
  • Your permalink will have a -2 or -3 on the end of it when you go back and edit it again

Thankfully, upgrading to WordPress 2.6 actually solves the issue. If for some reason you can’t upgrade to the new version, you check out this WordPress post to help you patch the problem.