Looking for a great way to attract those search engines to index and rank your site? Check out these WordPress plugins to help you spread the word about your blog.

Google XML Sitemaps
This nifty little plugin will allow you to index your blog to create a sitemaps.org-compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog – most importantly, this sitemap is supported by Google, MSN Search and Yahoo!. While it doesn’t create a physical sitemap page, it traverses your blog’s content and automatically builds an XML report that search engines can easily digest. Our only complaint? It slooooows the site’s administration down when saving posts, due the sitemap being rebuilt.
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SEO Title Tag
This plugin helps to create search engine-optimized title tags. You can use a defined custom field or grab a tag name for any tag pages generated by Ultimate Tag Warrior (see below). Now the title visitors see in the browser can contain more search engine-friendly keywords.
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Ultimate Tag Warrior
This plugin truly lives up to its name because there is so much you can do with it. Our favorite options: include a tag cloud on your site, offer related posts so your visitors can delve deeper into your blog, and the SEO Title Tag options.
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Know of any other great SEO plugins? Share them in the comments below.