As with every business decision, one needs to decide whether a blog is worth its time and resources. With that in mind, corporations shouldn’t blog if …

1. The Blog Is One-sided
It has to be a two-way message systemt to be effective. Worried about negative comments? You can hide and not blog, or respond to them thoughtfully and respectfully.

2. The Blog Takes Too Much Time
It takes time and effort by company employees to publish and post contents on the blog. Content needs to be updated regularly and the quality of the postings needs to stay high. If you cannot commit the resources for maintaining a blog, then don’t.

3. The Blog isn’t Reaching Key Markets
If your customer are not reading your blog, then there is no point in maintaining the blog. A clearly segmented customer base that can be touched this way, however, deserves a corporate blog.

4. The Blog has Boring Topics
People will read your blog if the contents are relevant to them and if it’s interesting. It is easy to start a blog, but keeping its content lively and interesting to its readers over a long period of time is a challenge.

5. The Blog was Launched Without a Plan
Think of Blog as a marketing tool. Like all marketing communication media, there must be a well defined budget, objectives, roadmap and an exit plan in place before launching the blog.

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