Recently we extolled the virtues of WordPress’s Media Manager and its relative ease to add images to your posts. After upgrading several client sites to WP 2.5/2.6, we must say in practice that there is still work to be done here.

Our beef? WordPress relies on Flash to upload media. This means that you get a nice visual or “crunching” status bar, but downright unhelpful error messages. What issues have we encountered?

  • Big images – you can’t upload full size images
  • Resizing images – sometimes the resizer (placing small and medium images) will be completely ignored
  • Image types – doesn’t like PNGs!

What can you do to minimize problems with the media manager? We suggest that you disable Flash with the No Flash Uploader plugin. Since installing it, many errors have been thankfully squelched.

We realize it’s a good start, but we look forward to the continuing evolution of the Media Manager.