Next decision: what blogging platform would be best?

Recently, ContentRobot performed a head-to-head test of 2 popular software options – WordPress and Drupal. Since Timex has its own servers, hosting either of these platforms is a viable choice (among others out there). In any case, these platforms are both open source and free – we love that!

Option #1: WordPress
WordPress has many fans – with good reason. It is simple to implement and you can enhance your blogging experience with a variety of plug-ins and design templates.

Option #2: Drupal
Drupal is also great – ContentRobot’s blog-powered web site uses version 4.7. This option is a robust (perhaps complex) and scaleable content management software that has provides much more than just blogging tools.

Timex Blog Requirements

  • Great design that is aligned with the web site and appropriately branded
  • Multiple authors (there are 45 athletes) from all over the world
  • Each athlete would author their own blog
  • The ease for writing blog posts
  • Simple image upload and manipulation
  • Ability to moderate posts and comments (and establish a workable writing workflow)

The Platform Solution
The blog template design was not a factor, as we would be developing a unique template for Timex no matter the platform. So, the major factor was ease for blogging and moderation.

Using that as the tipping point, we chose to implement WordPress. (For all your Drupal fans out there, we are implementing some very Drupal-like “modules” for both the design and back-end management.)

As such, it was a snap to install the WordPress sofware, but we continue to configure it with any necessary plugins to round out the blog’s full experience.

So, while you may have a favorite platform, it might be necessary to evaluate your short- and long-term goals for your blogging project to come to a solution that fits.

Follow ContentRobot as we reveal the strategies and best practices we used when developing the Timex athlete blog and how we’d approach your business blog project.

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