One of the first considerations for our Timex Athlete blog was: what domain name would we use?

The Current Domain Situation
Timex already has its own servers and domain at This is a good start because it is always preferable to have your own domain name for your business blog. Not only does it assist in branding, it looks more professional than using a domain like (Don’t misunderstand, blogger is great for many blogging projects, but is probably not a good idea for enterprise blogs.)

Idea #1: Use a Subdomain or Subdirectory for the Blog
Should the blog reside as part of the main corporate web site? In this case, it might sit at or Good thought – but what happens if Timex expands its blogging effort to have more than just the current athlete blog? What domain would the next one use?

Idea #2: Create its Own Domain
What about the blog having its own domain name? There are some inherent advantages to this approach. Specifically, it allows Timex to create more than one blog and create a bigger online presence at the same time.

The Solution
We determined that the Timex blogs would best be served with their own domain, Any and all Timex blogs will reside here with its own unique subdomain name. The solution provides Timex with the ability to develop multiple blogs as its blog strategy unfolds, and (maybe best of all) no domain reconfiguring down the line.

So, think beyond your immediate needs before jumping into your blogging project. What does your future blogging landscape look like. Will you (ever) have more than one blog? Answer these questions and your domain names dilemma will disappear.

Follow ContentRobot as we reveal the strategies and best practices we used when developing the Timex athlete blog and how we’d approach your business blog project.

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