We have a lot of clients who are multi-author blogging. In fact, we think this approach is quite effective and believe every company should consider having more than one voice on their blogs.

With the launch of WordPress 2.6, they implemented a nifty feature – post version control. This means that when you go into Manage > Post in the back-end, and you make an edit, you’ll see a Post Revisions area.

This means that it:

  • Saves a copy of a post every time you edit it
  • Allows you to view (not edit) each of those copies (revisions)
  • Displays any differences between any two revisions along with their timestamps

If you are ready for developing a multi-author blog (or have content that requires lots approvals), 2.6’s version control can help you out.

If you haven’t made the leap to WordPress – and its latest version – now may be a perfect time. We were impressed!