Designing for Blogs

Blog Design

Design can add tremendous value to a blog, as a compelling design can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Remember design is not just about making things pretty – it’s about making things work to their best ability. But what is the process a designer goes through to create a great blog look? … Read More

What’s In Your Blog’s Sidebar?

Blog Design

Don’t underestimate the power of your sidebar – it is among the hottest areas on your blog. Here are some elements that can be helpful to include in it: Site Search Allows allows your faithful, long-time visitors easily find information they have seen in the past. It can also function as a link-building aid, bringing … Read More

Blogs to Fit Every Need

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Did you know that there were several types of blogs to create? Maybe one of them can fit into your plans. Podcasting – This type of blog provides a web feed of audio files (although, increasingly, people apply this term to any video and other media available for anyone to download). “Blogcasting” “rsscasting,” “webcasting,” and … Read More

Great Design Helps Readers to Navigate Blogs

Blog Design

Most of the basic or free blogging clients (Blogger, for example) provide typical blog navigation by using blog post archives and/or clickable calendars. But is it the best way of guiding your visitor around your professional blog? Traditional web sites create main navigation / subnavigation schemes and site maps to help their readers find exactly … Read More