Tips & Tricks to Improve Blog Accessibility

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In the final post of our Blog Accessibility Series, ContentRobot provides some tips to helping your design your blog for a wider audience. 1. Use Relative Font Sizes Express font sizes in percentages or ems, rather than absolute font sizes expressed in points or pixels. The allows users to make the text larger or smaller … Read More

Design Your Blog to Be More Accessible to a Wider Audience

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The World Web Web Consortium has published guidelines to help designers make their sites more accessible. ContentRobot has summarized some key points below. Make multimedia content (images, video, and audio) more accessible to a wide audience. This can be done using text equivalents (often rendered with Alt tags within HTML documents). Text can be rendered … Read More

Is Your Blog Accessible to People With Disabilities?

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Blog designers should consider ways to make Web content more available to all users, and help people find information more quickly. Consider that many users may be operating in contexts very different from your own. Have you thought about these issues while designing your blog? Web Surfing Devices Websites can be viewed from a desktop … Read More

Does Your Blog Earn the “Nod?”

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You know those products that inspire the “Nod” … like seeing someone working on a Mac Powerbook in a local cafe or the look from fellow MINI Cooper drivers at an intersection. The Nod recognizes a person who is part of the club or someone who “gets it.” And it goes beyond having something in … Read More

Add a Tag Cloud to Your Blog – It’s Easy!

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Tag clouds visually depict the contents of a web site or blog. The first tag cloud appeared on Flickr (the photo sharing site) and was based on Jim Flanagan’s Search Referral Zeitgeist, which visualized web site referrers. These weighted lists show the most popular categorizes in an emphasized manner while displaying them alphabetically. Larger fonts … Read More

Blog Design & Spring Cleaning

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If you have been managing your blog for a while, you might notice that things have been getting cluttered as you’ve added new features, buttons and widgets – it’s time for spring cleaning! Blog Design Even if you feel you haven’t done alot of modifications to your blog’s design, be sure to take the time … Read More