Tools We Like: Simple Trackback Validation Plugin

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Hate seeing trackback spam intermingled with your blog’s comments? It used to drive us nuts, too. After some searching, we stumbled upon this great WordPress add-on: Simple Trackback Validation Plugin. According to the plugin author, it performs simple but very effective tests on all incoming trackbacks to stop trackback spam. When a trackback is received, … Read More

Google Optimizer Goes Mainstream

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GrokDotCom reports that Google Optimizer has shed its beta status: Google Website Optimizer can now be accessed by anyone with a basic Google account. Even if you only have so much as a Gmail account, you can start testing your website — for free — regardless of whether you’re running a paid search campaign. (No … Read More

Thank You to The Unofficial Apple Weblog and NewsGator Readers

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ContentRobot’s iWPhone WordPress plugin is considered “buzzworthy” by NewsGator readers thanks to a mention by The Unofficial Apple Weblog. As of this writing, the TUAW post had 54 incoming links. NewsGator’s Latest Buzz provides links to the 5 most talked-about articles according to NewsGator users. Thanks! In related news, the plugin is getting good traction … Read More

Can iPhone Visitors Easily View Your WordPress Blog? With ContentRobot’s iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme They Can!

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ContentRobot is pleased to announce the iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme! Bitten by the iPhone bug (of course, we have ours!), we were inspired to create a plugin & theme that would allow iPhone visitors to optimally view WordPress blogs. The plugin & theme specially formats your WordPress blog, so iPhone viewers quickly see your … Read More