Starting a business blog? Do you know why you are? Don’t do it because it’s cool, do it because it will add something to your brand. Ask these 10 questions:

  1. What will the blog achieve?
  2. What are your expectations for the blog?
  3. How does it fit in with your current communications / marketing plans?
  4. Does your team have a combination of writing, technical, marketing, and strategy skills? Do they understand the blog space and the trends of the blogosphere
  5. Who are your bloggers? How much freedom are they given when blogging?
  6. Are you willing to forgo the company ’spin’ and and blog in a transparent way?
  7. Are you ready to get honest interaction (whether it includes positive or negative comments)?
  8. Are you willing to be patient and let the blog readership grow as you nuture it along?
  9. Do you have a plan to drive traffic?
  10. Do you have a content strategy?

ContentRobot asks these questions, among others, to help plan and position your blog for short and long-term success.