Packt Publishing was kind enough to send us another blogging book for review. This time we got an opportunity to check out Internet Marketing with WordPress by David Mercer.

Our first impression was: Wow, this book is short.

Luckily, we believe that “good things come in small packages.” We were not at all disappointed – this tiny tome, packs a powerful punch.

Mercer starts it off by presenting a diagram that showed exactly where blogs and websites fall within the entire marketing spectrum. We appreciated that the entire process that he advocated was not developed in a vacuum, as it was fully rooted within sound marketing principles.

And we loved how he wraps up the book by circling back to the same diagram.

The top 10 highlights of the book include:

  1. The concept that content is the fuel that drives traffic on the Internet (spend more time on your message, not gimmicks)
  2. Successful conversions don’t always take the form of a financial transaction (the reach of your expertise can be just as important)
  3. By effectively analyzing your visitors’ needs, you can provide focused and relevant content that converts (remember your target audience isn’t everyone, just your ideal visitors you’ve identified)
  4. Creating quality content isn’t easy, but it goes a long way toward attracting repeat visitors (great content IS marketing)
  5. Content also helps with organic search engine optimization (yet Mercer does offer solid tips regarding site structure and plugins to assist with your SEO efforts, too)
  6. How various social media sites allow you to contribute further in discussions and debates that you care about, which can help you get your name and content out there (let your blog be your hub, but don’t neglect these outlets)
  7. How to employ other online marketing methods (promoting your site via RSS feeds, online advertising, press releases, and even contributing articles on other sites can be helpful)
  8. Personal relationships allow you to foster helpful alliances and build trust in your circles (nothing better than a referral from someone who can vouch for your work)
  9. Make it easy to convert visitors into customers (by developing simple and effect landing pages, you can encourage further interaction)
  10. Use Google Analytics to analyze and refine marketing efforts (it’s a good way to know what your readers are most looking for from you)

We recommend this book for WordPress bloggers who are looking for some practical methods on promoting their sites, capturing more readers, and marketing their products and services. Go snag yourself a copy of Internet Marketing with WordPress now!