What Can Blogs Do?

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Add content chronologically. The main components of a blog are posts, bits of commentary that are arranged chronologically, with the most recent at the top. Most blogging services and software like Blogger and Movable Type employ easy-to-use Web-based forms. But bloggers — those who create blogs — can also submit posts via email and can … Read More

How Do I Read A Blog?

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Most blogs are published both on web sites and as feeds. To put it simply, the feed means that you don’t have to visit the site to read its content. You can subscribe to updates and have them delivered to you. How Do I Start? The fastest way to start is with online news aggregators. … Read More

How Do I Find Blogs?

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Once you found one or two blogs you like they will link to more blogs. And more, and more… You could also try searching for blogs in search engines that specializes in blogs/feeds. You should of course add your own blog to all of these as well. Check out: Blogwise Feedster Daypop Blogdigger Blog Search … Read More

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What ContentRobot Can Do For You Blog Strategy Blog strategy provides the overall planning for a corporate blog and becomes the roadmap for nearly all subsequent blog activities. We’ll help you define your Goals / End Results / Success Metrics, perform a SWOT Analysis, and create a Corporate Publishing Policy. Blog Design and Content Architecture … Read More

The Best Way to Generate Traffic to Your Blog – Content

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What is the best way to gain a following of dedicated readers? It’s CONTENT. Here’s some great content techniques we’ve found throughout the blogosphere. 1. Write Original Content Make sure what you post is at least 25-40% of your own thoughts. Write what about the topics that matters to you and own them without being … Read More

Business Blogging: Personalizing Your Online Brand

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Most corporations now have a fairly robust online Internet presence. While the company web site often includes an engaging Flash animation, has a slick design, and is chock full of informational content about their products and services, it’s still missing something. Personal touch.

The 5 Advantages of Business Blogging

Business Blogging

Whether you implement an external business blog or an internal company blog, the following indicates several pluses to implementing them. 1. Quick Deployment and Low Cost Unlike traditional websites, blogs are quick to get up and running and the content is flexible and accessible. Blog software is cheaper to install and maintain than many knowledge-sharing … Read More