Blogs to Fit Every Need

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Did you know that there were several types of blogs to create? Maybe one of them can fit into your plans. Podcasting – This type of blog provides a web feed of audio files (although, increasingly, people apply this term to any video and other media available for anyone to download). “Blogcasting” “rsscasting,” “webcasting,” and … Read More

12 Days of Christmas Blogging


ContentRobot wants to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a very merry one … On that note, here’s what we are wishing for under our tree. Enjoy! On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: Twelve bookmarks Eleven podcasts streaming Ten new blog subscribers Nine ecto blog posts Eight blog site … Read More

Creating Corporate Blogging Policies

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Do you have a corporate blogging policy? Before embarking on your blogging journey, you should consider the “dos” and “don’ts” of blogging from both a company and a blogosphere point of view. Here are some ideas for you: Employees/bloggers must abide by non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality policies. Employees/bloggers must be aware of company policies governing … Read More

Great Design Helps Readers to Navigate Blogs

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Most of the basic or free blogging clients (Blogger, for example) provide typical blog navigation by using blog post archives and/or clickable calendars. But is it the best way of guiding your visitor around your professional blog? Traditional web sites create main navigation / subnavigation schemes and site maps to help their readers find exactly … Read More

Measuring the Impact of Blogs on Brands

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Market Sentinel, Onalytica and Immediate Future of PR have co-written a white paper called Measuring the Impact of Blogs on Brands. They took a scientific approach to objectively demonstrate which bloggers both have the authority and ability to affect corporate reputation. By using the science of “citation indexing” via Google page listings and a Dell … Read More

Personal Reflection: John Lennon


Today is the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s brutal murder in New York city. I join the collective mourners by thinking of him today. Why do I mention the former Beatle on a blog about blogging? Because I always thought that John would have embraced blogging and would have been a prolific blogger spreading his … Read More

What Makes a Good Blog Post

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There are several ways to approach writing your blog posts over the long haul. Here are some ideas to spur you on and add a little “extra” to your blogs. Instructional These posts teach people how to do something. For example, posts that feature tips are popular both in the short term (loyal readers love … Read More

Should Your Company Be Blogging

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Should your company be blogging, or not? Of course! Before you jump in, remember that using a blog as a medium of expression requires a certain level of commitment. Companies should take a good look at whether they can approach blogging seriously enough so that they can avoid disappointing their customers (new and old alike). … Read More