Display a warning message to IE6 users


Are you tired of visitors still using the obsolete and buggy IE6? We are. With yesterday’s launch of Internet Explorer 8, there is little excuse to not upgrading. But for those who insist on using this platform, you can warn them that your site is not (purposely) optimized for their viewing. Here’s how to display … Read More

Dana Rockel Rocks

Blog Design, Blog Development

Thanks, SmartLife for naming ContentRobot’s Dana Rockel among your Top 50+ Blog Service Providers. He landed at #43! We appreciate the mention and acknowledgment of his fine work.

WordPress Keeps Evolving: 2.7.1 Launches


Yesterday, WordPress announced the launch of version 2.7.1. This is considered a maintenance release, which fixed 68 tickets. Although it’s not a security update, it’s always a good idea to keep your WordPress software up-to-date. If you are already running 2.7, you can update to 2.7.1 via the Tools->Upgrade menu, or you can download the … Read More

SEOing Your Blog with Tags

Blogging Strategies, SEO

Blogs are great in attracting search engine indexing because they, by their very nature, are updated often with fresh, relevant content. Beyond implementing the excellent All in One SEO plugin, what else can you do to optimize your blog? Tag your posts. What is a Tag? Tagging allows you to add keywords to your posts. … Read More

ContentRobot is Blue

Blog Design, ContentRobot News

No, we’re not depressed – ContentRobot took the next leap in our redesign! What’s new? More Streamlined Copy – We could pare down our copy to focus more on how we can help and less about what blogging is (since lots more people are aware of it). Updated Navigation – We simplified the nav to … Read More

Social Media and Obama


Whoever you voted for on Tuesday, it was interesting to note how technology, and specifically, social media helped to send Barack Obama to the White House. The Obama team not only was committed to its 50 state strategy, but they really wanted to connect to individuals throughout the country. The Website With a well-designed website, … Read More