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Purpose: The Team Timex Blog was developed to provide a comprehensive forum for 45 blogging athletes. Follow the athletes as they train and compete all over the world in triathlons, and other events that feature biking, swimming, and running. With their wide variety of expertise, the bloggers will educate and entertain their readers about life … Read More

SNOWatHOME Chooses ContentRobot for Web Site Redesign


SNOWatHOME is looking for ContentRobot’s help to take their website to the next level. They want to make it easier for visitors to learn about snowmaking and to purchase their custom-built snow machines – because it only takes one cold night to make a big pile of snow! ContentRobot welcomes SNOWatHOME! Look for its enhanced … Read More

ContentRobot Welcomes New School Selling

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ContentRobot will be developing a blog-powered web site for New School Selling to be launched this August. New School Selling is an international sales and marketing organization with branch offices in Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S. It offers consulting with business owners, and runs seminars and workshops that help companies grow sales revenues and … Read More

Building the Timex Business Blog: The Design

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This is the final post in our series about building the Timex athlete blog. Today we want to focus on the blog’s design. Business blogs should strive to have their own look-and-feel, yet they should be obviously branded (with the company logo, colors, etc.) and integrated into the rest of the company’s marketing materials. For … Read More

Building the Timex Business Blog: Blogging Policies

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Today we step back from the actual blog building and concentrate on developing a Blogging Policy Document for Timex’s athlete blog. ContentRobot discusssed the importance of developing such policies in a previous post. While, we won’t reveal its actual contents here, we’ll share some of the thought behind creating the policies. Open Communication Company management … Read More