Content Robot Launches Education Insiders’ Blog-Powered Website


ContentRobot launched the Education Insider blog-powered website today. This site’s goal is to connect public school stakeholders with state education policy in an entirely new way. Education Insider wanted to develop a website that would package certain topic much like a printed edition. When they write stories and choose the appropriate categories (see them below), … Read More

Farmington Valley Goldens Blog-Powered Website Launched


ContentRobot launched the Farmington Valley Goldens Blog-Powered Website! The blog was developed to provide a way for the breeders to communicate with families who want to adopt a golden retriever. You can follow the dogs-in-residence as they are cared for, bred, and the subsequent litters of puppies. Learn about golden retrievers, why FVG thinks they … Read More

Education Insider Wants a ContentRobot Developed Blog


Austin, Texas-based Education Insider wanted to develop a blog that connects public school stakeholders with state education policy in an entirely new way. ContentRobot will help them to develop a blog to support EI’s mission to inform busy parents, trustees, and professional educators about vital issues — before decisions are formulated and announced from Austin. … Read More

New School Selling Blog-Powered Web Site Launched


ContentRobot recently launched the New School Selling Blog-Powered Website! We redesigned the website to better showcase NSS’s products and seminars, all designed to help salespeople to gain better expertise on how to sell today. Follow the blog to read more selling tips, get enhanced sales techniques, and learn how to really connect with your buyers. … Read More

New School Selling’s Blog-Powered Website

Case Studies

Purpose: New School Selling sought a new web site because it was moving away from its “Sales Warrior” model toward a new branding effort, along with recently expanded products and services. To build a cost-effective, feature-laden site, ContentRobot developed the NSS web presence using blogging software as its platform – or created what we call … Read More to Develop Blog with ContentRobot


The National Retail Federation will enhancing its web presence by launching a retailer and vendor blog, developed with ContentRobot. This association brings together executives from more than 500 leading retail brands to receive and participate with their peers about a variety of common challenges such as: Online marketing and merchandising Site usability Multichannel integration … Read More

Team Timex Blog Launched Today


ContentRobot launched the Team Timex Blog today! The blog was developed to provide a comprehensive forum for 45 Timex-sponsored athletes. You can follow the athletes as they train and compete all over the world in triathlons, and other events that feature biking, swimming, and running. With their wide variety of expertise, the bloggers will educate … Read More