Launch Your Blog The Slow and Steady Way

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While some blogs launch with a big splash, there are advantages to slowly laying a foundation to maximize your success. 1. Cost Big bang means big budget. Can you play for advertising? Do you have a tangible killer, unique offering? If you don’t have the extra cash or the goods, consider adding time to make … Read More

Creating Corporate Blogging Policies

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Do you have a corporate blogging policy? Before embarking on your blogging journey, you should consider the “dos” and “don’ts” of blogging from both a company and a blogosphere point of view. Here are some ideas for you: Employees/bloggers must abide by non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality policies. Employees/bloggers must be aware of company policies governing … Read More

Measuring the Impact of Blogs on Brands

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Market Sentinel, Onalytica and Immediate Future of PR have co-written a white paper called Measuring the Impact of Blogs on Brands. They took a scientific approach to objectively demonstrate which bloggers both have the authority and ability to affect corporate reputation. By using the science of “citation indexing” via Google page listings and a Dell … Read More

Should Your Company Be Blogging

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Should your company be blogging, or not? Of course! Before you jump in, remember that using a blog as a medium of expression requires a certain level of commitment. Companies should take a good look at whether they can approach blogging seriously enough so that they can avoid disappointing their customers (new and old alike). … Read More

Starting Your Business Blog

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Want to start that external corporate blog but don’t know where to start? Try these 10 starting tips: 1. Read your news via RSS feeds Learn how feeds can affect how and what you blog about. By establishing a blog, a lot of your readers will never actually visit your site and read about you … Read More

Business Blogging Best Practices

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While business blogging has become the trademark of forward-thinking companies, you need to establish some best practices to derive the benefits it has to offer. Know What You’re Doing. Senior management and the legal department should be educated about what blogs are and how they might affect business. Reinforce the Company’s Core Values. Make sure … Read More

Blogging Inside the Coporation: Project Management

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Internal blogging is a great way to manage projects – from improving information flow, reducing clutter, and capturing status. Here’s how to successfully use a business blog for managing projects. Here are 5 good reasons: 1. Communicate with Project Stakeholders Keep them up-to-date with the progress of the project without bombarding them with email. Use … Read More