Can Blogs Kill Big Conferences?

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Found this gem at the Robert Scoble blog: Big conferences are dead… So, why does anyone need to go to a big conference to hear the news again? Simple: you don’t. It’s not worth doing. Not when a CEO can write a blog, get more people to visit it in 36 hours than would probably … Read More

15 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Business Blog

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Recently, guru Seth Godin published 54 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site. ContentRobot offers some of the best ones that apply to business blogging. Use lists. Be topical… write posts that need to be read right now. Be timeless… write posts that will be readable in a year. Coin a term or two. Edit … Read More

What Tom Peters Says About Blogging

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ContentRobot found this bit of inspiration at Tom Peters most interesting blog. This is #39 of his 100 Success Tips: Blog As If Your Life Depended On It! Blogging, I firmly believe, is the premier emergent marketing-brandbuilding-lovemarkcreating tool of our times! It is the premier way to have intimate-engaging-informative-WOWing “conversations” with Clients and prospects! This … Read More

3 Business Blog No-Nos

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When you are business blogging, you should do many things — except maybe these three … NO-NO #1: Talk about your blog more than you talk about your business. Perhaps you really do have a state-of-the-art corporate blog – great! But guess what? Most of your visitors won’t care. It’s better to keep the focus … Read More

3 Reasons to Blog for Business

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Despite all the hype and publicity surrounding blogging, businesses still are slow to enter the blogosphere. Why? ContentRobot believes it’s mainly because they they really just don’t know enough about what blogging is and the value it provides. We offer 3 reasons why blogs are good for business. 1. To open the lines of communication … Read More

What is Corporate Blogging For Anway? For Creating Customer Conversations

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Corporate blogging is not all about marketing, it’s really about serving the customer. What corporations should realize that their bloggers are their customer service agents as well as their product evangelists. They are, after all, conversing with the public about your products (and services). What about potential customers? Instead of concentrating on “selling” them, communicate … Read More